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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comcast Should Have Hired Bloggers

Corporate Lawyer: We can't afford to allow our employees to blog. What happens if someone posts negative information about our company?
Corporate Executive: Blogging is a waste of time. There's no ROI for a bunch of guys in their pajamas writing their opinions.
PR Firm to Corporate Executive: Blogs are for amateurs. Trust us to take care of your message for you.
Marketing Firm to Corporate Executive: We've looked at blogs and they just aren't worth the hassle.

blogger: This guy from Comcast just feel asleep on my couch because he was put on hold for over an hour with his own company. I'm going to take a video of it and post it on YouTube.

Watch the video as Brian Finkelstein, a blogger trying to get to the premiere of Snakes on a Plane, just created some great press for himself, and thoroughly embarasses Comcast.

I wonder what how much this is going to cost Comcast. I wonder how much press this is going to get. I wonder if that tech is going to lose his job. I wonder if Comcast even knows that this video has been posted and is making the rounds.

So rather than bashing Comcast for poor customer service, let's take a look at steps they could have taken to alleviate the problem if they had a blog.

1) Link to the video from the Comcast blog. Comcast screwed up, and admitting it is the first step to take. Link the video, admit how embarassing it is, and call up Brian to personally apologize. Give him six months worth of free service.
2) Work to correct the problem. The problem is not the poor tech. It's the fact that cable service is a mockery, and everyone from sitcoms to comedians to average customers make fun of the service of cable guys. They even made a movie about it!
3) Don't fire the tech. Make him into a commercial where he drinks a lot of coffee. Turn this around. Use the guy as an example of how they are improving.
4) Highlight your successes by tracking progress. Highlight your successes. Make your improvements public.
5) Focus on other positive ways you can use blog marketing.

Seriously, if you are a corporate customer wondering about the ROI of blogging, you ought to pick up the phone and call a blog consultant. CGM is moving so fast that you really need the experienced help. If you have questions, get in touch with us.

Hat Tip: Church of the Customer Blog


Anonymous Jim Turner said...

Great post JD. I wonder if they even know about the You Tube post? I wonder if they wopuld talk to you about it in their PR department. This is another example of blog mining to make sure the conversation does not go on without your knowledge.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Snakes on a Blog said...

A bigwig at Comcast called me last night so either they've seen the video or somebody told them about it.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Brian Finkelstein need to do this and get the guy fired? Maybe they guy has working a couple jobs and doesn't get a lot of sleep. Doesn't excuse it, but have heart, you know? you could have just tapped him on the shoulder.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Jim Durbin said...

The fault is not Brian's, but Comcast. It's a shame the guy was fired.

Now to add to the problem of customer service, they've lost the opportunity to capitalize on a PR fiasco.

And the technician lost his job.


But it wasn't Brian's fault. Comcast didn't have to let the guy go.

8:57 AM  

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