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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Smalll Business Advantage in Blogging

Ben and Jackie, the authors behind Church of the Customer have an informative post on the advantages small businesses can give themselves with a blog. And they have examples.

Their best points are 5-7.

5. They allow you to have more simultaneous conversations. It's more than you could ever do in person.

6. Most blog service providers offer good-looking templates to use if your existing website design is embarrassing or non-existent.

7. They help position you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

Brandstorming here is a case in point. Between Brandstorming and StlRecruiting.com, over 50,000 unique visitors have come to our websites and learned something about DurbinMedia.

This does not include the number of people who read about us on other blogs, new stories (from reporters who read this blog), and who went to the durbinmedia site from a link. Both of our names are all over the search engines, and so are key terms people use to find blog consultants in St Louis. That sentence will be read by Google, and it saves us the necessity of buying blog consultant St Louis from Adwords.

Large corporations have committees and executives and fear holding them back. Small businesses should step into the gap and compete with that simplest of the tools, the business blog.


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